Irresistible Storytelling

Irresistible Storytelling / 23.08.2017

Do you have social media sites for your brand, blog or business? If not, you should. What do your profile descriptions say? Been a while since you've paid attention? Hey, stop what you’re doing and read them now. No, really – do it now, please. Well – what did you read? Do your profile descriptions talk about how your brand, blog or business adds value to your ideal audience? Or do they talk about your love of shoes and cats? No judgment but if you’re trying to attract an audience that doesn’t include high heels or cat-nip, you may need to rethink your descriptions. Social media is the best place for storytelling. I don’t know about you but when I visit a company’s Facebook page or blogger’s Pinterest feed, the first thing I scan is the profile or about section to quickly determine if this is someone I need to follow or like. If they mention anything about eggplant, beets or Brussel sprouts, I probably move on. No offense to those who love these foods; just not my thing. And if your social media profile descriptions have nothing to do with your brand, blog or business message, you may want to rewrite them.
Irresistible Storytelling / 14.08.2017

If you are like most people on planet Earth these days, you are using some form of social media. Heck, even my 83-year old mother is on Facebook. Sure, it’s always fun to share photos of your children and pets, and crazy rants about all things life. But have you stopped to think about what these platforms are saying about your personal brand? Do you even care? Well, you should. Social media has changed our behavior as it relates to interacting with friends, family and even business customers and clients. While it has its positives like making it easy to keep in touch with those you probably long forgot, the negatives also exist. The Social Media Age has now created the generation of oversharing information and regrettable acts. To be fair, I was no angel in my formative years and thankfully, there's no digital footprint to remind me or show others my less than proud behavior. That's not the case today.
Irresistible Storytelling / 28.07.2017

For the past 6 years or so, I’ve been blogging at Judy-isms, where I share my life stories and observations that never cease to amaze me; my irresistible storytelling. In addition, I’ve focused my career on helping individuals and small businesses with their communications, messaging and blogging needs to reach their key audiences. I’ve always had a passion for helping people craft and tell their stories. I love the challenge of looking at anything in front of me and creating ways to communicate it to others. As such, I’m excited to announce the launch of Irresistible Storytelling, a DIY messaging course and 1-2-1 storytelling coaching for brands, blogs and businesses.
Irresistible Storytelling / 27.07.2017

Fact: your personal story is unique to only you. Paging Captain Obvious! So, if this obvious fact need not be spoken, why don’t more people use their personal story to their benefit? Especially when they’re selling themselves? It’s important to showcase your personal story when interviewing for a job. Today’s job market is more competitive than ever so standing out as a top candidate has never been more crucial. While it’s common to think the person with the most experience is the ideal candidate, sometimes it’s the person with the best story – or at least the person who can sell themselves the best who lands the job.
Irresistible Storytelling / 12.07.2017

Did you know there’s an actual name for using images and videos in your story? It’s called visual storytelling. Seriously. Did you also know there’s a science to visual storytelling? No, really – you can read about it here. Images and videos aren’t just used to make your story pretty. Visuals sometimes tell more of the story than words. With the growing popularity of image-based social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, which rely more on visuals than text, companies are paying close attention to this emerging trend. What better way to reach your target audience, ideal reader or customer than through visual storytelling? And this is especially effective when trying to highlight your brand in a more personal manner.
Irresistible Storytelling / 01.07.2017

As consumers, irresistible storytelling impacts our buying habits almost every minute of every day, and sometimes we don’t even notice. This is not an accident. In fact, brands using storytelling to reach target audiences to sell products is a deliberate strategy. Once upon a time a brand would hire an advertising agency to create ads to sell products. Next, they would hire a public relations firm to promote the product and get people talking and excited. And while this process still happens, today it's simply not enough, and in some cases, antiquated thinking. In order to break through the “noise,” successful companies now include storytelling as a key marketing strategy to appeal to the emotional side of consumers and make personal connections.
Irresistible Storytelling / 20.10.2016

Have you ever started a new book only to find you can’t put it down? Are you sad when a movie ends wishing it could go on just a little longer? Do you ever wonder why certain television commercials make you cry and others you never remember? Simple explanation: each of these example plays on your emotions and shares a common theme – irresistible storytelling. As consumers, every day we are presented with nothing but choices. Whether from businesses selling services and products, individuals positioning themselves as experts, or even bloggers sharing wisdom and experience, all use some form of storytelling. But the ones you really remember use irresistible storytelling to cut through their highly competitive fields and get straight to you. I know exactly what you’re thinking right about now – “How can this help me? I don’t have a story and even if I did, my story is boring; who could possibly care?” Hey – turn that frown upside down! You do have a story and I promise it’s not boring.
Irresistible Storytelling / 15.10.2016

Blogging is the best platform for effective storytelling. If you’ve been following my blog you know I talk on and on about irresistible storytelling and how every person, brand and business has a story. It’s true, and that’s why I talk about it – a lot. While there are countless reasons for businesses to blog, below I share my 8 convincing reasons every business needs a blog for effective storytelling and to reach their audience. How do you share information about your business with your target audience? Maybe you have a website highlighting your company, products, and employees? Don’t get me wrong, a website is critical for your business but if you’re only providing boring company facts and history, you’re missing a huge opportunity to engage with your audience. To really get them excited about your story, start a blog – today.
Irresistible Storytelling / 10.10.2016

The other day one of my closest friends in the world, who is currently shifting careers into the real estate industry, wanted me to listen to her “elevator pitch” and give my best critique. She quickly sped through her resume and all the reasons why she was qualified to help people buy and sell homes. When she finished I told her while the information she included was important; my eyes had glazed over halfway through her pitch. Honestly, I didn’t remember much of what she said. Did I mention we’ve been friends since we were 14 years old? That’s probably why she didn’t hang up on me.
Irresistible Storytelling / 10.09.2016

My all-time favorite storyteller/writer is Judy Blume. Of course, growing up I mainly loved her because we shared a first name. It’s true. But after reading all her books and stories, I fell in love with her even more. I connected so deeply with her writing, I felt as if I was one of her characters. She often said her inspirational storytelling came from people-watching and figuring out what was missing in their lives. I love that! Chances are, if you’re busy with all the details that go into running your business, creating storytelling to build your brand is probably not high on your priority list. Even the best storytellers, like Judy Blume, need a little inspiration from time to time to help them come up with something to say.