What is Irresistible Storytelling and How Can it Help Me?

Are you building or currently have a brand, blog or business but struggle with how to tell your story to others? If this sounds like you, Irresistible Storytelling is the perfect solution!

Irresistible Storytelling is a DIY course in messaging for your brand, blog or business. Today, more and more companies, individuals, organizations and brands use storytelling as a key marketing strategy to better connect to their customers and audience on a personal level – and break through all the noise. This is just as important if you’re an individual creating a personal brand or blog, or a small business trying to reach your ideal customer.

With Irresistible Storytelling, I guide you through the simple messaging process I have used with clients throughout my 25+ years in communications and public relations. If you don’t think you can do it on your own, don’t sweat it! I have other coaching options available. Click here for more info.

Everyone has a story, whether it’s about a business, a product, an individual or an expertise. What I’ve learned in my career working closely with clients to develop their stories is while the words may be different, the method is the same – and it’s just a simple 3-step formula to make that story irresistible.

Also, if you would like to take a “test drive” you can sign up here for my FREE 5-Day Challenge to Irresistible Storytelling for your blog, brand or business. What do you have to lose — it’s free!

Who Created Irresistible Storytelling?

Irresistible StorytellingHi! My name is Judy Cohen and I created Irresistible Storytelling for your brand, blog or business.

My fascination with irresistible storytelling started at a young age as I’m told I always had an active imagination and loved to stretch the truth at times. Okay, maybe a little more than at times. Irresistible storytelling also plays well with my communications career of promoting products, services, companies and individuals spanning a variety of areas and industries including: non-profits, travel & hospitality, entertainment, fashion & retail, authors, and even rock stars and rap artists. You’ll have to get to know me better before I share details on that last piece of information.

After being in the communications field for more than half my life, I realize everyone has a story. Some just need help telling it and others just need a little inspiration.

With Irresistible Storytelling, I hope I can be your inspiration with my DIY courses and other 1-2-1 coaching services. Feel free to drop a note in the comments below and let me know what you struggle with when telling your story. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!

Your story…to be continued

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Struggling to create a story for your brand, blog or business? Don't know where to start or simply need a little inspiration? Take the FREE 5-Day Challenge to Irresistible Storytelling for you brand, blog or business. What do you have to lose -- it's Free!

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