I know it’s hard to find new coaching clients. That’s the number-one struggle many coaches face. The thing is, it’s much easier to find your ideal clients when you map out who you’re looking for.

Use this five-question checklist to evaluate your potential coaching clients. This ensures you work with only the best clients whose stories match up with your own.

Before taking on a new client, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do they share my values?

This is where your potential client’s story comes in. Does this client’s life experience, opinions, and needs fit with your values?

For example, if you’re a vegan health coach, you likely want to coach people who value veganism. If you’re vegan for moral reasons, does the client also want to go vegan for moral reasons?

Don’t be afraid to turn away clients that don’t fit with your values. There’s nothing harder than sharing your story with someone who doesn’t value it!

2. Do we have compatible missions?

What does the potential client need? Are their goals aligned to your mission?

For example, if you coach moms re-entering the workforce, ask your clients what they need. If the potential client is already succeeding in the workforce, you probably don’t have compatible missions.

3. Can I actually help this person?

You need to ask a very, very important question at this point: do you have the expertise, time, and resources to actually help the client?

You likely do, but it’s helpful to stay grounded and realistic, especially if you have too many clients right now.

4. Do they have the appropriate budget to pay what I’m worth?

It’s a sad truth, but money makes the world go ‘round. Check that your client has the budget to work with you. You can’t work for free! And don’t compromise your value. You’re worth more than you think you are… especially if you’re helping others and add value to their life.

5. Are they fun to work with?

This sounds like a “woo woo” suggestion, but it’s important. Are you excited to work with this client?

This question matters because, as a coach, you need to be excited and invested in your client. If you don’t have fun working with them, they’re likely not the right client for you.

The bottom line

Your business should be fun! There’s no better way to spread the story of your business than by partnering with clients who align with your mission, talents, and goals… and appreciate the value you bring to their life.

Leave me a comment on what you look for in the perfect coaching client. I’d love to hear your strategies and tips!

Your story…to be continued