Here’s the thing about storytelling: it’s highly personal, and you deserve some privacy. It’s inevitable that you’ll need to share your personal life to promote your coaching business.

But where do we draw the line between storytelling and that sense of privacy?

It’s hard to protect your privacy, especially when your personality is essentially your brand. But we can’t be transparent about everything.

People generally don’t need to know you had Corn Flakes for breakfast. This is a given, but it’s a little trickier when we want to share personal stories.

There’s no perfect solution, but I follow these steps to protect my privacy while creating a transparent coaching brand.

Connect the information to your brand

Each time you disclose a personal detail, remember to tie it back to your business, and how you help your clients.

If you disclose a very personal story about losing a family member, for example, this needs to relate to your business in some way.

Relate the story to your business directly (becoming a single mom if you coach single moms), or how it indirectly affected you (a painful divorce inspired you to change careers).

Disclose partnerships and affiliates

This is the one area where you should disclose 100% of the time. Always be transparent if you’re earning commission, affiliate fees, or in-kind payments for your content.

This is not only the right way to maintain your customers’ trust, but it’s also the law.

Define what you won’t share

This is the easiest way to maintain your boundaries for carefree storytelling. Define exactly what you aren’t comfortable sharing.

To make this even easier, pick up a pen and literally write down what topics or events you won’t share publicly. Your list might include things like:

  • Personal finances
  • Body or health choices
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Home address and personal contact information

The bottom line…

Fear and anxiety can prevent you from telling your authentic story. Get to the storytelling with full transparency. This helps you build trust more quickly while creating a knockout brand. The right kind of transparency can turn a vanilla story into a memorable experience for your potential clients.

Drop me a comment and let me know how you move past the fear of sharing your personal experiences.

Your story…to be continued