Stories aren’t static words on a page. They’re lively, exciting experiences that help you connect with your ideal customer.

Once upon a time, human storytelling traditions were all passed down by word of mouth. It wasn’t until recent history that we began writing our stories.

While there’s value in written storytelling, sometimes it’s not enough. Your potential clients need to feel something from you. In this busy day and age, they don’t always have the time to invest in a 1,000-word blog.

How do you tell your amazing story in an engaging, modern way?

The answer is live streaming.

Live storytelling for coaches

Do you remember childhood storytime? There was something exciting about hearing someone tell you a story. Even though we’re adults now, we still get excited when someone tells us a riveting story.

The good news is that you can tap into this excitement through live streaming.

Live streaming is beneficial for three big reasons.

1. It’s time-sensitive

It seems like everything on the internet is pre-recorded. But when you do a live stream, you’re there with your audience, in real time.

There’s no better way to get people to hear your story than to tell it while you’re live.

2. It’s engaging

Live streams are incredibly engaging. Your audience can chat and comment while you’re filming. This gives you the opportunity to speak with them and answer questions in real time.

In a world where genuine connections matter, this not only helps people invest in your story, but believe in your coaching business, too.

3. It’s community-focused

Community is the reason why concerts are so popular. You don’t want to hear your favorite musician without the energetic roar of a crowd! It’s part of the experience, and that’s what you want to create: a storytelling experience.

Live streams aren’t just about you and the audience. It’s also about how the audience interacts with each other.

The bottom line

You have a story to tell. Why not tell it in a more engaging, friendly way? Live streaming helps you tap into our human need for live, interactive storytelling. Make your story absolutely irresistible with easy and free live streaming.

Your story…to be continued