The rich tradition of human storytelling all began with memorized stories. We’ve come a long way since then, telling stories through written word and even the screens of our televisions. And, of course, let’s not forget how smartphones have changed storytelling!

It’s no secret that the Internet has revolutionized so many parts of our lives. I know the amount of content online is overwhelming, but it’s given coaches and entrepreneurs like you and me access to some amazing and affordable tools to tell our stories.

Your time and your budget are your most precious resources. And there is a host of products and services you can use for digital storytelling tools to share your brand’s story with the world–on a shoestring budget, no less!

My Favorite Digital Storytelling Tools


Social media is a free tool that everyone should be using! While there’s some argument about which social platform is best for storytelling, I like to use Instagram. You can post a photo or video to your Feed, or even use the Instagram Stories feature for more long form, time-sensitive content. Instagram gives you the ability to connect with a huge audience thanks to the power of hashtags. Even if you post a few times a week, it’s a free tool that gives you so much potential to reach your audience.


Who doesn’t love comics? Use StoryboardThat to quickly create cartoon comics to share with your audience. You can try StoryboardThat with a free trial, after which it costs $75 annually.


Do you want Photoshop-level graphics and photos, but don’t have Photoshop skills? Canva is perfect for you! This site lets you create beautiful, high quality images for free.

Create your business logo, design a cute social media post, and build eye-catching images for your site on Canva. They do have a paid option that gives you access to more graphics and features. Either way, it’s much cheaper than Photoshop and much easier to use!


Audio content is making a big comeback. If you want to do storytelling in a podcast, give Anchor a try. This tool lets you turn audio from your smartphone into a podcast with zero headaches. Anchor is a free tool that will save you loads of time and help you reach the podcast generation even more quickly.

Wondershare Filmora

Video is a great medium for storytelling. If you’re like me, you probably need to do more than one take to record your videos. I use Wondershare’s Filmora software to edit my videos. It’s a $60 one-time fee for the software, which is a steal compared to other video editors. Use Filmora to trim your video footage as well as add royalty-free music, animations, titles, and credits.

Facebook Live

Sure, Instagram lets you stream live. Why put energy into more than one social media? Facebook Live lets you tell your brand story to a new audience. While you shouldn’t be on every social media, you should be on the platforms where you know you’ll meet your audience. That usually means you need Facebook!

Facebook Live lets you live stream video to your profile, a page, or a group. Use the live feed to ask your followers questions, offer sneak peeks, and more.

The bottom line

Stories are as old as time, and it’s clear they aren’t going anywhere. Use the time-honored tradition of storytelling with any of these digital storytelling tools. Make your brand voice heard  — even on a shoestring budget.

Did I leave any of your favorites off this list? Let me know in the comments!