Rory was pumped.

She just finished her master’s in counseling and knew exactly what she wanted to do: life coaching. After months of careful planning, Rory took the plunge and struck out on her own.

But she’s feeling uneasy now. Even after designing a beautiful website, posting daily on social media, and looking for clients day and night, Rory’s struggling to make her mark. She taps her fingers in frustration, flicking through the websites of other coaches.

These coaches were successful! They had thousands of eyeballs on their sites each day, with zero problems booking clients.

“What am I doing wrong?” Rory asks herself, shaking her head.

It wasn’t until she stumbled upon Sheri’s life coaching business that Rory found the missing piece.

The site focused on Sheri’s story of addiction, homelessness, and her journey to recovery. Rory felt like she knew Sheri for years, even though Rory had only read a few of Sheri’s blogs. Instead of talking like a used car salesman with a bunch of marketing speak, Sheri talked about her life, and how she earnestly works with clients to make a difference.

Through her research, Rory picked up on an important fact — stories matter. While it may appear stories are only relevant to niches like life coaching, in reality, they’re applicable to every type of coaching, whether you coach clients on fitness, nutrition, blogging, and anything in between.

Brand Storytelling is the Key

No matter what type of coach you are, a good story attracts your ideal audience.

Take my story for example. Today, I’m a storytelling coach for solopreneurs. I’m also a recovering public relations executive who left the PR agency world due to account burnout and hourly billing fatigue. I have loads of client examples from travel companies to rap artists I’ve promoted through the years, and how I did it.

But promoting clients is no longer my passion. Now I just want to help them tell their own story to reach their ideal audience. I can’t throw away my past, however. It’s as much a part of my story than what I’m doing today — maybe more. And my past helps show how real and authentic I am to my future clients.

Here’s how any coach can make the most of their brand storytelling to boost business.

Be real

Lydia was raised on a farm. Although she’s now an up-and-coming fitness coach, she’s embarrassed of her humble roots. She thought it was a horribly boring experience, and tried to make herself seem like a cool, urbanite fitness coach on her website.

But guess what? Lydia’s approach didn’t work!

Lydia’s audience could tell that her story was forced. She finally got real and acknowledged that her rural upbringing taught her about the importance of functional fitness. Lydia didn’t realize it, but fitness was at the core of her upbringing. It’s a critical piece of her brand storytelling, and she feels silly for not focusing on it sooner.

Never force yourself into a box that you don’t belong in. Tell the honest truth about your life, because that’s your unique brand.

Get creative!

You don’t have to go through years of suffering to tell a compelling brand narrative. Even if you think your life’s story is mundane and uninteresting, it’s not! It’s all about how you package the story.

Don’t be afraid to make the boring seem interesting. Even the dirty stoops of New York City can be magical with the right wordplay.

Clarity, clarity, clarity

Everybody has that friend. She’s wishy washy and can’t make up her mind. She goes back and forth and doesn’t like committing to anything. She’s fun, but it’s impossible to know what she likes and what she’s thinking.

Don’t be that person!

Coaching is about building a personal relationship. If your brand storytelling is all over the place, ambiguous, or changes frequently, your clients aren’t going to trust you. And that’s a recipe for losing business.

When in doubt, always keep your brand storytelling consistent, clear, and concise.

The bottom line

All coaches need to have a story. In fact, brand storytelling is the one thing that immediately sets your business apart from everyone else. Your story is what makes you competitive and what connects you to amazing clients. Show it off and watch your business skyrocket.

And if you’re looking for a little brand storytelling inspiration, drop me a note and let’s talk about how I can help you!

Your story…to be continued