Do you have social media sites for your brand, blog or business? If not, you should. What do your profile descriptions say? Been a while since you’ve paid attention? Hey, stop what you’re doing and read them now. No, really – do it now, please.

Well – what did you read? Do your profile descriptions talk about how your brand, blog or business adds value to your ideal audience? Or do they talk about your love of shoes and cats? No judgment but if you’re trying to attract an audience that doesn’t include high heels or cat-nip, you may need to rethink your descriptions.

Social media is the best place for storytelling. I don’t know about you but when I visit a company’s Facebook page or blogger’s Pinterest feed, the first thing I scan is the profile or about section to quickly determine if this is someone I need to follow or like. If they mention anything about eggplant, beets or Brussel sprouts, I probably move on. No offense to those who love these foods; just not my thing. And if your social media profile descriptions have nothing to do with your brand, blog or business message, you may want to rewrite them.

Quick and to the Point

Social media profile descriptions quickly tell others about your brand, blog or business. In other words – your story. When crafting these descriptions, it’s important to keep in mind that while less is more, the “more” needs to be packed full of your key messaging. A challenging exercise, especially with most social media platforms only allowing limited characters for these sections.

If you took my 5-Day Challenge to Irresistible Storytelling for your brand, blog or business, you’ve already created key terms and phrases to describe what you provide your ideal customer. Wait, you haven’t taken the FREE challenge yet? No problem. You can sign up here!

Key terms and phrases help describe your message and grab your reader’s attention to tell them they’re in the right place. Once they realize this they’ll engage with your content and click through to your website or do whatever you ultimately want them to do. You’ve got a captive audience here so take full advantage.

Writing Effective Social Media Profile Descriptions

Even with limited character space, social media profile descriptions can be very powerful for getting your message across. Seriously, you’d be amazed at how much you can cram into 160 characters or less.

Here are 7 tips for writing effective social media profile descriptions:

  • Include your name – while this may seem obvious, you’d be surprised. Whether it’s your own name or your company name, people want to know who they’re following.
  • State what you do – again, obvious, right? If you don’t tell people who you are and what you do, how will they know to follow you immediately, especially if you have what they need?
  • Relate to your ideal customer and address their point of pain – if this can be accomplished in a social media profile description, chances are you’ll gain a follower – and customer – for life.
  • Grab attention by using key words and phrases – here’s where my FREE 5-Day Challenge will come in handy. You can still sign up here! I know, shameless plug.
  • Include your picture – this is especially important if you’re a blogger or small business owner. If you use a logo instead of a photo, people may think you’re just one of those robots scamming for followers. A photo makes you and your business real.
  • Give a Call-to-Action – you have a potential customer on your page – tell them what to do and make it easy to get there.
  • Include link to website and/or your email – depending on how many characters you have left, always include your website or email address so you’ll be found.
  • Remember, no one likes a braggart. There are a number of opportunities to wax on about your fabulousness, and talk about all your success stories and accomplishments through blog posts and full bios. Don’t waste time or space doing it in these profile descriptions.

Cheat Sheet

Every social media site has its own character limits for profile descriptions. To better prepare you, here’s a quick cheat sheet for character limits on some of the more popular sites. Choose your words wisely.

Facebook – for the short About description: up to 255 characters

Twitter Bio – 160 characters or less

Instagram Bio – 150 characters or less

Pinterest Bio – 160 characters of less

LinkedIn Opening Statement – 120 characters (taken from the first part of your summary, that has a 2,000-character limit)

If you have any tips or tricks to writing the perfect social media profile descriptions, please leave me a comment below.

Your story…to be continued