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Do you often wonder whether or not you have a compelling story to tell for your coaching or solo business? I’m here to tell you do. How do I know? Simple. Everyone has a story! And if you’re coach or solopreneur, in any field, it’s so important to use your story to connect with your ideal audience on a deep and personal level.


As your Storytelling Coach, I’m here to help you strip away the fear of putting yourself out there to tell your truth. I do this through my signature Irresistible Storytelling 3-Step Method and other 1-2-1 coaching services. This is your best opportunity to gain more clients and grow your business. Because that’s your ultimate goal, right?



I’m Judy 

I have always been the person who cries after reading a good book, or watching a happily-ever-after movie, or seeing those life-transformation television commercials.

Wanna know why that is?  Why it’s so easy for me to become so invested in something that clearly isn’t real? Simple: all these examples play on my emotions and share a common theme: irresistible storytelling.


What I Offer

Story-Selling Audit

If you’re looking for more clarity around the concept of why using your story of struggle will elevate others, especially if they relate to you, then you will benefit from this FREE story-selling audit call.

This simple call will help you get comfortable in putting yourself out there and being vulnerable in order to help others who share the same experiences. You’ll gain more confidence in selling your products and servcices allowing you to move forward with you coaching business.

Irresistible Storytelling 3-Step Method

My signature program that walks you through a simple storytelling process and helps you identify what you want, your ideal audience,  and why they should work with you..

This DIY program gives you everything you need to make your story irresistible to your ideal clients… along with support from me.


1-2-1 Coaching

For some, storytelling is as natural as breathing. For others, it’s super scary. If you’re the latter, I’ll work with you to edit/create your existing story and review all your communication assets including but not limited to: website, blog, customer emails, newsletters, etc.




Stories Made Easy

Storytelling Checklist

Download my FREE Storytelling Checklist and discover how to use personal experiences to craft stories that attract & convert more clients for a bigger impact.

“Changing careers after more than 30 years from retail merchandising and management to the real estate industry, I needed to update my bio and create a personal sales pitch. With Judy’s guidance and storytelling expertise, I identified and highlighted key areas of my experience vital to any client service business to create my new story without rewriting my entire history. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Melinda, Real Estate Broker

“Judy walked me through foundational questions I needed to answer and explore before fully diving into my business. She cut down to the core of what my motivation was, my intended impact, and how I was going to get there. Since working with Judy, I feel more confident, capable, and excited to start my coaching business!”

Talia, Life Coach

“Judy is remarkable at helping clients zero in on positioning and messaging for their brand. When faced with the challenge of streamlining a fitness client’s brand that touched every aspect of personal training instruction, Judy helped to simplify the messaging process to encompass the overall theme of from Bride to Baby. This simple process also helped to define client’s niche market and position her as a fitness expert who helps clients through some of the most important milestones of their lives.”

Desiree, Marketing Executive

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